10 Places to earn money online

If you are a professional writer or good at any particular craft or technology, then the ideal places to look for are Elance, oDesk, Guru and Freelancer.
Many jobs are outsourced every day and awarded to the most suitable bidders. The trick is to convince the clients that you are the best. You can do this in many ways like giving free exams on these jobsites, creating lucrative portfolios and providing examples of past work done.

If you already have a blog or any other traffic attracting site, you can use Google Adsense or  Infolinks to earn money through adverts. The mechanism is simple - You allow these sites to place their ads in your blog/website content, and in return they pay you on the basis of pageviews or number of clicks or both.

PayPerPost is not a model that many would agree with, but advertisers pay you here to write about their products on your blog.

If you are quite tech savvy and adventurous with desktop and mobile apps, then UserTesting is the place for you to visit. Here you can earn money for beta testing software. Along the same lines, Software Judge will pay you to review a Software.

Ether is the place to visit, if you don't mind helping users with their tech issues on phone. You get an ether number when you register which is directly linked to your mobile/other phone number. You can pre-inform the most suitable time you can take calls at the time of registration.

In case you are interested to earn easy money by taking online surveys, then PaidViewPoint is quite a good one. Most companies conduct paid surveys in order to reduce the statistical bias in their results. You should be wary of scams though while dealing with any company that promises to pay for online surveys. SurveyPolice is a good place to visit in this regard.

 OnlineProfits is a place to learn about the various concepts, tips and tricks of earning money online through content marketing. It covers topics like SEO, Advertising, Keyword research, Niches, etc.


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