7 Reasons to be a Vegetarian - A Logical argument

  1. Meat is not a vital food: Though meat is typically marketed as being one of the four pillars of a balanced diet, in reality it is not. There are billions of people in the world who don't eat meat, yet live lives extraordinarily filled with vitality.

  2. Meat is dead food: It is stale by the time it hits the food malls. Most vendors add preservatives and dyes (to hide the fact that it turned brown in colour). Vital energy leaves body the moment an animal dies, so the food is devoid of any vital nutrition. The same thing applies to canned food and (to some extent) frozen food as well.

  3. Meat is toxic: Food consumed by humans is stored in the body for about a day before it is eliminated. Being already days old, meat has to spend one more day in the digestive track. To get an idea of toxic effect this might have, do a simple experiment: Take two glasses of water, then fill one with fresh vegetable, and another with some steak. At the end of three days, see what happens to both!

  4. Even doctors say so: Western medicine has long since recognized the correlation between meat consumption and rise of toxins in the body. If a patient has any kidney problem, most doctors will tell him to abstain from meat.

  5. We are not “designed” for this: Carnivores have powerful metabolism with short and simple intestines. This allows them to process meat faster. Even so, most carnivores sleep about 10 to 24 hours after a full meal to concentrate all energy on digestion. Again, the meat that carnivores eat is fresh and not days old. With their specialization, carnivores have no other option but to predate on other animals for survival. But for us humans, it is not necessary to eat meat to survive. The fact that billions do should provide ample evidence.

  6. Carnivores kill for ecological reasons: Ecologists know the fact that carnivores kill other animals only to help their race survive. When a panther hunts a deer, the process ensures that only the oldest and weakest of the deers are killed. In other words, only the best and the most agile ones survive – Darwin's principle of survival of the fittest. In contrast, humans don't have any such reasons to kill other beings. They only disturb the natural ecological equilibrium by doing so.

  7. Meat has “stress hormones”: Animals do have emotions as any pet owner can verify. Now typically a prey in the woods to which death comes suddenly doesn't have time for fear or emotions. Contrast this to the slow and gradual process an animal undergoes in the modern day slaughterhouse prior to being killed. Amid the terrified and painful shrieks of its fellow beings, it knows long before that it will shortly be butchered. Now consider the vast amount of stress hormones that the hypothalamus triggers in this state of extreme fear and panic. Guess what? All these stress hormones are soon going to be a part of your food adding to your own stress!

Note: If you are serious about switching from meat-eating in favour of pursuing a vegetarian diet, then you should research it thoroughly beforehand. Apart from googling and reading the below links, visiting your doctor or dietician is also recommended.

“Dhanwantari” by Harish Johari.

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