Four simple steps to make your blog popular

[1] The Noble rule of good content and patience. Achieving success in blogging is not instantaneous. Like any other endeavour, it requires hard work, patience and dedication. Most people fail not because they lack blogging or writing skills - they do so because they give up long before their blog has had any chance of fulfilling its purpose. Once you commit yourself to writing good content regularly on your blog (and there is no getting away with that!), there is nothing to stop you from gaining long-term success.

It might happen that there is some initial gestation period when you seem to be blogging with dedication while there is no sign of many visitors queuing up to read your blog. If you are going through such a phase in blogging, then this article is for you. Below is a list of few simple and common-sense things you can do to help you in this dull period and attract visitors. But remember, patience is still required, and there is no getting away with the rule number one (content is king when produced with regularity).

[2] Write content that is always in demand. As in any other field, the rule of demand/supply holds true in this endeavour. You might be an excellent author on a topic, but what is the use if the first page of google-search already returns equal or better professional content results for your topic keywords? You cannot fight against such huge supply, whatever be your skills and abilities. A fitting quote in this regard from the movie, The Man from Earth - "a man cannot know more than what the best of the race knows".
As a rule, most generic topics such as  "Computer Science", "SEO", "Make money online", etc. are already full of supply. The best you can do is try to find a niche around your generic topic and write on that. In order to judge the prevailing demand/supply for a given set of keywords, you may use the Google Keyword Tool. This amazingly simple tool from Google shows the average number of queries per month (Keyword demand) for each keyword you enter. It shows both global and local results.

[3] Keep linking: Other web-sites that link to your blog are considered while evaluating your blog's page-rank by the search engines. You can say that links are deemed as credentials or currency in the online world. Initially, you won't be having too many sites linking to your blog, so you will have to earn this currency by posting about your blog contents on various social-networking sites, forums, community sites, etc. Linked-in and Facebook are very helpful in this regard!

[4] Write periodically. It is very easy to forget rule number one. The more frequently you update your content, better are the chances of your success. Make a habit of writing every day, every week, every month or whatever frequency permits you, but be regular. The web is always hungry  for information, and search-engines cater the relevant and recently updated information first. If you are ever faced with blogger's block, then these ideas might help you:
     (i) Write about any random topic that you discussed with your friends/family. Always keep an eye open.
     (ii) Create a "N things list" about a topic you happen to know (such as this one).
     (iii) Create a poll to let your visitors know their opinion.
     (iv) Visit a random blog or news-site and get inspiration from there.
     (v) Visit Google Trends and check out what topics are currently in hot-demand. If you happen to know about any of them, then write about it on your blog.

Always keep a habit of learning something new wherever you go, from whoever you meet, from all circumstances in your life. Some topics need in-depth and latest research. So, thoroughly research them before writing. Writing a good piece is a thoughtful process consisting of various stages such as research, preparation, incubation, proof-reading, etc... You will have to sleep over your research, to get some new or derived inspiration from it. Read this article to know more about these stages:
 The Five Phases of Creative Writing

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